After extinguishing a fire in Fort Korvosa, the Cover of Night run into an old friend and return to the mainland to plan their next move. The city beg...View Details

An investigation of Vencarlo Orisini's property in Old Korvosa reveals that not everything is as it seems. ----more---- Curse of the Crimson Throne an...View Details

Lenore's search for Portobello leads them to a strange information broker. The party pick up the trail of the Red Mantis Assassins in Fort Korvosa. --...View Details

After an escape from Old Korvosa, the party questions Salvator Scream and nurse their wounds as they prepare for their next move.----more---- Curse of...View Details

Session 51 - Art Theft

Old Dock's newest Blood Pig champions receive a close approximation of the reward they were promised. Philip Melvin guest stars as Pilts Swastel.----m...View Details

Blood Pig continues! As Emperor Pilts Swastel (special guest Philip Melvin) presides over game of violent chaos, our heroes do their best to impress h...View Details

To secure an audience with tormented artist Salvator Scream, the Cover of Night must impress the self-styled Emperor of Old Korvosa in his own violent...View Details

Our heroes find a new lead in the archives of Jeggare museum, then meet a strange new ally on Endrin Isle. ----more---- Curse of the Crimson Throne an...View Details

To discover how Ileosa has gained her newfound power, the Cover of Night must delve into the institutions of Korvosa for answers from some of its most...View Details

Ophelia investigates a disturbance in Domina Square. The others go to the Temple of Abadar for some much needed clerical work. ----more---- Curse of t...View Details

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