The King of Conqueror's Bay arrests the party for crimes against his undersea nation. With Ophelia unable to stand trial, the Cover of Night must answ...View Details

Book 3 Recap

Daft and Rane sit down to discuss the cloak and dagger antics of Curse of the Crimson Throne Book 3, Escape from Old Korvosa. If this is your first ti...View Details

Session 67 - Sweet Sorrow

It's time for the Cover of Night to learn the secrets for which they've paid so high a price.

Curse of the Crimson Throne and the Pathfinder rolep...View Details

The Cover of Night face off against a powerful rakshasa! Will they be able to get their rescued allies--and themselves--out alive?----more----

Cur...View Details

Session 65 - Unmasked

The party has reunited at the entrance to the labyrinth with two Vencarlos and zero seneschals in tow. What's going on? And what awaits all of them ne...View Details

Session 64 - Split Jacks

With one half of the party trying to rescue Vencarlo Orisini from a terrifying evil sphinx, and the other half of the party trying to escape the labyr...View Details

Amidst spinning chambers and deadly guardians, the Cover of Night find a familiar ally in the Vivified Labyrinth ----more----

Curse of the Crimson...View Details

As the Cover of Night delve deep into the dungeon beneath Arkona Palace, they encounter many horrors and riddles. Will quick thinking save the day, or...View Details

Oh my!!!Beneath Arkona Palace, the Cover of Night encounter creatures and mysteries kept secret from the rest of Korvosa! Will they find the prisoners...View Details

This session, our heroes find themselves on the doorstep of one of Korvosa's most powerful families, only to be met with a diplomatic arrangement inst...View Details

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