Delving deeper into the Dead Warrens, the Cover of Night find greater horrors than they thought possible. As they tighten the net around Rolth Lamm, the full magnitude of his depravity is revealed.


This session features "Cannibal's Path" from Philip's Tabletop Music Bazaar, check out the full version over on his Patreon!

Additionally, thank you to The Dice Crisis! We recently participated in a little contest they were running on Twitter, and are now the proud winners of a Golden Goblin mini and Dice Crisis enamel pin! We love their show and if you like creepy Pathfinder stuff, you should certainly check it out too. Follow them over on!

Check out of Level 4 character sheets!

Iunia of the 13th Guise, TN Human Cleric of Aroden 4

Damienn Cosmes, CG Tiefling Card Caster Magus 4

Lenore Milosovei, CG Ganzi Aberrant Bloodrager 4

Ophelia Saren (Syren), NG (CN) Vigilante 4

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