This session, our heroes enter a burning church to save anyone or anything they can! Who or what set the Temple of Aroden ablaze--and why? And now t...View Details

Now that we've finished our heist, we are back with the Cover of Night as they delve into the secrets beneath the surface of Korvosa, both figurativel...View Details

After sneaking through the back rooms of the Jeggare Museum, our trio of would-be thieves (and one monkey) have found only a forgery of the dangerous ...View Details

On a night like any other, Damienn's studies are interrupted by an unusual set of guests at the Jeggare Museum. Drawn to Korvosa by a dangerous artifa...View Details

Session 56 - Rematch

The Cover of Night return to Exemplary Execrables to take down Pilts Swastel once and for all!  ----more---- Curse of the Crimson Throne and the Pathf...View Details

After extinguishing a fire in Fort Korvosa, the Cover of Night run into an old friend and return to the mainland to plan their next move. The city beg...View Details

An investigation of Vencarlo Orisini's property in Old Korvosa reveals that not everything is as it seems. ----more---- Curse of the Crimson Throne an...View Details

Lenore's search for Portobello leads them to a strange information broker. The party pick up the trail of the Red Mantis Assassins in Fort Korvosa. --...View Details

After an escape from Old Korvosa, the party questions Salvator Scream and nurse their wounds as they prepare for their next move.----more---- Curse of...View Details

Session 51 - Art Theft

Old Dock's newest Blood Pig champions receive a close approximation of the reward they were promised. Philip Melvin guest stars as Pilts Swastel.----m...View Details

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