After a brief respite, the Cover of Night are called on by a familiar face to help him with a simple family matter. Along the way, they cross paths with a representative of the most powerful church in Korvosa, the Bank of Abadar.

This session features "The Chronospheres of Dr Genevieve Beaumont". For this and other great tabletop tracks check out Philip's Tabletop Music Bazaar

Sound effects created by Syrinscape.

Check out my article about one-on-one tabletop gaming on Boccob's Blog

We are moving to a biweekly release schedule next week as I catch up on editing. Session 24 will release on 10/6. The biweekly releases will continue until book 2 is fully edited.

We are working on a collaboration with Dimension Door! Be sure to check them out over on their website and be sure to stay tuned for more info!


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