The investigation of Carowyn Manor continues, revealing new horrors and old enemies at work. Cressida Kroft reveals a here-to-for unknown ally. 

This session features "The Crimson Banquet; Red Raven's Waltz", "The Queen's Memoir", "A Prelude to Madness", and "The Chronospheres of Dr Genevieve Beaumont" For this and other great tabletop tracks check out Philip's Tabletop Music Bazaar. A huge thank you to Philip as well for the original composition of "A Prelude to Madness" for this session. It serves as an excellent musical bridge between Book 2 and the beginnings of Book 3 and we are extremely excited to feature it here.

Sound effects created by Syrinscape.

Thanks to Feedspot for featuring us in their Top 50 Pathfinder Podcasts list!!! We really appreciate it!


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