Player Bio

David "Rane Zero" Clark and Katie "DaftProdigy" Duchscherer are a couple currently living in New Haven, Connectictut. They met making podcasts and other fan projects nearly 12 years ago and their passion for creativity and story-telling have been at the core of their relationship since its beginning.

David is a video editor and producer who graduated from the JMU School of Media Arts and Design in 2018. He has worked on many projects spanning post-production, audio engineering, theater, documentary work, and gaming. He is the owner and treasurer of the Plot Bubble Podcast network.

Katie is a teaching assistant and researcher at Yale University currently working on her Ph. D in Social Psychology. She is the host of The Shizno Podcast on Plot Bubble and a regular contributor to Beacon Broadcast.

They both became interested in Pathfinder playing the Kingmaker AP and David's desire to play more drove him to run the Iron Gods adventure path. Their Iron Gods game has continued to run, expanded with homebrew content and sandbox adventure for the past 3 years. The two became interested in Curse of the Crimson Throne as a more grounded, one location game to serve as a counterpoint to their Iron Gods Game. They chose to run the game as a one-on-one primarily to avoid the complicated planning and scheduling that can be required of a 4-6 person weekly game. However, not to leave their friends out, they have chosen to release their recorded games as a weekly podcast.

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