This session, our heroes enter a burning church to save anyone or anything they can! Who or what set the Temple of Aroden ablaze--and why? And now that the Gray Maidens know the party are on Endrin Isle, will they ever be able to leave?? Find out in this session of To Have and To Roll!

Curse of the Crimson Throne and the Pathfinder roleplaying game are published by Paizo and are used in accordance with their community use policy.

Sound effects created by Syrinscape.

This session featured music from Michael Ghelfi audio and Filip Melvin, including "The Crimson Banquet; Red Raven's Waltz," "The Lich," "The Tomb of Seven Suns," "The Keymaster," "The Eternal War," and "The Last Dragonlord." This session also featured "Decline" by Kevin Macleod, and our theme for Iunia, "Radiant Shadows," is by Rio Salazar.

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