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As the dust finally settles in Korvosa, Zellara manifests once more to issue a dire warning. The Cover of Night must reevaluate their alliances. ----m...View Details

Session 19 -The Reunion

Emerging from the Korvosan sewers, the Cover of Night must quickly clean themselves up to make a good impressions on Kester's moms. ----more---- This ...View Details

On the trail of strangely intelligent rust monsters, the Cover of Night get covered in.... something much worse. What lies in the depths of Korvosa's ...View Details

Daft and Rane sit down with a bottle (or so) of red wine to go over the events of Curse of the Crimson Throne Book 1: Edge of Anarchy. From socializin...View Details

The Cover of Night take time to rest and reconnect after the tumultuous events of Execution Day. Lenore takes in more kids than she can handle, Iunia ...View Details

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