Archive for July 2020

As our heroes tend to their wounds, tension in Korvosa is on the rise. Can our battered and bruised party still muster the strength to stop Ileosa fro...View Details

An old foe returns in a new form and a new enemy takes our heroes by surprise. In the depths of Rolth Lamm's Lair, the Cover of Night learn just how d...View Details

Delving deeper into the Dead Warrens, the Cover of Night find greater horrors than they thought possible. As they tighten the net around Rolth Lamm, t...View Details

Session 14 - Bare Bones

When the Korvosan riots claim the life of the Skoan-Quah (Skull Clan) ambassador's grandson, the Cover of Night must quickly act to recover his body a...View Details

The Cover of Night question the Queen's motives and move to find the alleged king-killer, Trinia Sabor before merciless Hellknights can find her.  ---...View Details

Our heroes embark on an adventure of a different kind. Summoned to Castle Korvosa for an elegant gala, they must face a new peril: gossiping nobles! T...View Details

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